Custom Painting Services


We offer custom painting services.

Do you have furniture or cabinets you would like painted, but don’t want to do it yourself?
E-mail us

Typical prices for custom work (actual prices may vary)
Coffee Table:  $125 – $200, depending on size
Dining Chairs:  $50 – $90 per chair
Dining Table:  $200 – $500, depending on size
Bed:  $200 (twin) – $500 (king) depending on complexity
Armoire:  $300 – $600, plus interior & shelving
Dressers:  $200 – $500, depending on size
Glazes, distressing, hand-painted details, and excess cleaning or prep may incur additional costs.
color chartwe offer a wide variety of colors to choose from!

Call or email us today for a free quote!


**Please include as much info as possible in your email so we can get your quote to you asap. Pictures of your item(s) are very helpful**




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